Four Seasons Resort at Hualalai

In 1994, a new lore began from land and lava on the Big Island of Hawaii. It gave birth to the beloved Hualalai brand. Before there were hales and a hotel lobby, we paired John Kelly’s historic prints with the promise of a forgotten paradise to tell the story of an authentic Hawaiian resort community unlike any other, enlightening potential residents and resort guests to the rich culture and romantic beauty of this ahupua‘a by the sea. The approach struck a chord with our target audience of affluent Baby Boomers who were drawn to the idea of relaxed island luxury and the idyllic image of the golden age of Hawaii. 

Today, Hualalai is fulfilling its promise with record real estate sales and hotel occupancy rates, consistently ranking among the top of the world’s best hotels lists. Yet the world has changed and so has the Hualalai audience, as more and more Gen-Xers and Millennials redefine the resort-going experience. To ensure Hualalai’s continued success into the next decade and beyond, I need to refresh the brand in a way that resonates with all generations while remaining true to the legendary spirit that is Hualalai. 

‘Uhane is a sacred Hawaiian term for “soul” or “spirit” that holds the same high regard as ‘ohana and aloha within the Hawaiian culture. According to the elders, the spirit of ‘uhane lives at Hualalai. It visits this place and walks this land that sits by Kahuwai Bay. It becomes the symbol for the refresh of the Hualalai brand because it exists here with a power like nowhere else. 


The Work

Brand Visioning
Complete Rebrand
Creative Direction
UX/UI Design
Brochure Design
Editorial Design
In-Room Collateral